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Designed for the general viewer, Many Ways to See the World is a fascinating 30-minute exploration into the challenges of creating a map and the minds of twelve visionary mapmakers. It illustrates the unique backgrounds, philosophies, values, and politics which led each mapmaker to select a particular mathematical formula to create their projection. This provocative presentation explains how maps are not impartial reference objects, but rather instruments of communication, persuasion, and power.

Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States says "Many Ways To See The World is more than a fascinating lesson about maps. It opens the mind of the viewer to profound perspectives on the interconnectedness of human beings everywhere. I hope it will be shown in classrooms all over the country."

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Bob Abramms

Ruth Abrams
Producer, Director & Camera

Jamie Traynor

Peter Acker
Post-Production Sound

Simon Loffler
DVD Authoring

Diane Johnson

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